Anyone who follows real estate knows we are in a hot sellers market right now. That fact alone doesn’t mean that you should sell your home without putting the work in up front. I am able to successfully sell houses quickly because of several factors – Preparation, Pricing, Managing the Process, Photography and Staging. Today I want to show you why staging matters.

Staging Helped My Clients Get 3% Above Asking On A Recent Sale

Staging Matters
Living Room

In January I got a referral to help Gary and Carol sell their townhouse. Plans to relocate meant they wanted to sell so not to be burdened with owning a home far from their new home. A mutual friend suggested I could be the right person to help them do this successfully. We met, discussed their situation, and then I put together a marketing plan that I believed would cause their home for top dollar.

When guiding my clients towards a successful home sale I always suggest the necessary things they should do to get the house market ready. In looking at Gary and Carol’s house, I recognized that the kitchen and foyer were the chief selling points. Drawing prospective buyers in with these and continuing with a welcoming living room and upstairs would be key to keeping buyers excited about the home. I recommended strategic rooms to paint, handyman work exterior trim (make a good first impression), improved lighting, and other minor improvements. Next, I introduce them to Jessica Arnold of JL Arnold Designs, one of the best stagers I work with. This series of before and after pictures from Jessica and Housefli (the photographer I use often) speak for themselves. The side by side pictures are showing the same room, yet evoke very different reactions. Buyers are drawn in by homes that they can imagine living in and enjoying. Staging, lighting and good photography are the keys to creating that feeling for prospective buyers.

Staging Matters - Kitchen

Even In A Seller’s Market Not All Houses Sell Quickly

Believe it or not, there are houses that DO sit in this market. Often those homes are empty and/or have poor pictures (among other problems). If I had used basic photography and little or no staging there’s a good chance buyers wouldn’t have flocked to this home. Instead, we had multiple offers the first weekend and sold the home for $15,000 over asking price! Who you work with matters. Gary and Carol felt confident that I was the right person to guide them to a quick and successful sale because of my skills and the tools I employ to ensure a great outcome for my clients. Staging works! You can read more about it here if you’re still not convinced!

My Tactics Work!

And just so we’re clear, staging is only one part of the puzzle. Don’t miss out on successfully selling your home by working with a mediocre realtor. Call me and let me help you achieve the same success as Gary and Carol! 571-581-1515.

Staging Matters
Master Bedroom