• Erik and Kathleen Radowski, Burke, VA

    Being new to Northern Virginia and first-time home buyers, my wife and I were a little overwhelmed looking at houses, but Steve McIlvaine’s patience and emphasis on relationships completely put us at ease. We were looking for a realtor to educate us on this process and the area – Steve did both of those things, but most importantly he helped us find our first home! Steve was our realtor, now he’s our friend, even if he is a Villanova basketball fan!

  • Lara Alnmir, Vienna, VA

    Steve is very kind, responsible, and honest. I can always depend on him and his team.

  • Rosanete Mello, Herndon, VA

    Steve is a super knowledgeable and helpful realtor. It was my first time buying a home and he was there to help me each step of the way and made me feel very supported in the process. I would definitely recommend!

  • Tom and Lanah Fitzgerald, Old Town Manassas, VA

    I appreciated how willing you were to listen to our requests. You went above and beyond in accommodating us. You were excellent to work with!

  • Brittany Bell, Falls Church, VA

    Steve did a great job finding us options within our price range, within our parameters, and in a short period of time. We needed to find a place in a couple of months and it was a quick process thanks to Steve.

  • Charles Kwening, Hyattsville, MD

    Steve McIlvaine is an amazing Realtor. He had personalized and creative suggestions for us to improve the appeal of our house for selling. He also created an ingenious plan to sell the house at top-dollar – which it did!

    We had several tumultuous situations (to say the least) and we’re working with a co-owner who was very difficult to deal with, but Steve stuck with us the entire way through and went above-and-beyond attending to matters with an unwavering level of professionalism and creativity to provide a highly favorable result for us.

    In addition to interviewing countless realtors, we worked with two realtors prior to Steve who was unsuccessful in selling our house; however, with Steve’s suggestions and techniques, our house was under contract within a week and sold well above asking!

    When it was our turn to buy, we obviously went with Steve. Using the same level of detail, care, and diligence exemplified when selling, Steve got us the house we wanted!

    I can say with full confidence Steve and his team are one of a kind! Steve provided excellent care! I do not hesitate to recommend Steve McIlvaine and his team to anyone!

  • Ken Bershtein, McLean, VA

    Steve and his team were extremely knowledgeable about the market, who our potential buyers were and what we needed to do during negotiations. Steve’s ability to get all parties focused on the same goal was instrumental in making this deal happen. It wouldn’t have happened without him.

  • Andre Sabbagh, Falls Church, VA

    Working with Steve was easy. He kept us informed at all times with what was going on and communicated his approach in a clear way that made us trust his judgment.

  • Wonmo Kang, Springfield, VA

    Hire Steve. He will not turn you down. His team is very effective in all aspects and knows exactly how to maximize the house quality within a limited time period. Also, I was really impressed with Steve’s ability to read the market: both timing and price.

  • Nick and Leigha, Springfield, VA

    Steve really shined when helping us to get our home ready for sale and again throughout the contract negotiations. Whenever problems arose (which of course they always do) and needed to be communicated to us, Steve had a solution in hand or a recommended course of action to help us get through it all. I highly recommend Steve and his team for selling your home in the Northern Virginia area!

  • Shelley Padilla, Tucson, AZ

    Steve and his team did a great job from start to finish. After having him sell two homes for me, I consider him a friend. He will be a blessing to anyone who chooses to have him help them sell their home.

  • Jenny Martin, Washington, DC

    As a first time homebuyer, Steve has really helped me understand the realities of the DC housing market. He listened to my needs and wants, and he was dependable in helping me decide which home would be right for me. I would definitely work with him again in the future!

  • John Connell, Fairfax, VA

    Steve McIlvaine is by far the best real estate agent I have worked with in the past 50 years. We have bought and sold many houses in that time, but this experience of buying a Condo and selling a house was head and shoulders above any previous experience.

  • Gary and Carol, Springfield, VA

    Steve did an excellent job to assess the strengths and weaknesses of our home. He gave expert advice and offered a strategy to optimize the sales price of our home. He had an established network of support services that made the repairs, cleaning, and staging go smoothly. The end result was a price of 3% above our asking price.

  • Louise Hassinger, Reston, VA

    I highly recommend Steve if you are looking for a knowledgeable realtor that understands what it takes to get a contract on a home in a very competitive market. Steve has also developed relationships with service providers from contractors to movers that made the whole process of buying a home and selling a townhome as easy as possible. Steve’s knowledge of the current market when selling my townhouse resulted in a contract in less than 2 day, above asking price, and no contingencies – I couldn’t ask for more than that.

  • Jakub and Monika, Annandale, VA

    Working with Steve was a pleasure. We were buying our first home and Steve guided us through this very complex process very smoothly, often going beyond the scope of his responsibilities, always available, flexible, serving professional advice. Along the way we had a pleasure to visit Steve’s house and meet his beautiful family, it felt more like getting help from a friend rather than working with a real estate agent.

    At the time we were going through family emergency and more difficult periods, Steve perfectly adapted to our pace. Coping with the tough 2018 housing market and a lot of competition from other buyers, we received really good guidance in the process of submitting offers which saved us money and troubles. At the end of this journey, at the perfect time we bought a beautiful house, plus with we gained new friends!

  • Jason Gould, Annandale, VA

    Steve was always our advocate for each step of every transaction. Steve’s excitement and encouragement were contagious throughout the process.

  • Amy Ferrara, Herndon, VA

    What impressed me most is how Steve handled the details of contract negotiations on our behalf, and also how he continued to check back in even after we moved in to make sure the other parties had honored the terms of agreement. His service and attention to detail is excellent!

  • Bill and Amanda – Manassas, VA

    “You communicated with us very well and remained in contact with us throughout the entire process. Especially since we bought a new construction townhome it was nice to have you at the different appointments. As first time home buyers, we really valued and trusted your opinions and guidance to help us find the right home.”

  • Jason and Alexis, Springfield, VA

    You communicated expectations well to get our house sold in a quick time frame, you provided excellent resources. Most importantly you helped us through some very tough issues with our buyer. You never gave up on working for us until we were happy and satisfied.

  • Brian and KJ, Woodbridge, VA

    Moving is a hard thing to endure, at it’s best it sucks. From the drain it puts on the family moving out to the drain it puts on bank account, it’s just a hard thing in life. But the support we got made it suck less and made it easier to get through because we felt like we had a friend and not just a realtor.

  • Ed, Alexandria, VA

    The purchase of my new home was made immensely less stressful due to Steve’s considerable knowledge of the most efficient and effective tools of his profession and his ability to put them to their most beneficial use. I was quite comfortable throughout the entire process due to the faith I had in Steve’s high ethical standards and in his business acumen which created a beneficial purchasing environment for me. I am quite pleased with the choice I made in selecting a real estate agent to represent me.

  • Deanna, Vienna, VA

    Steve made the selling process much less stressful for us as we were selling a home while not living in the area. He took care of issues that arose quickly and without fanfare. Every detail was accounted for and he made sure we were kept in the loop even though we weren’t able to be present for every moment of the sale. I highly recommend Steve for buying or selling needs!

  • Riaan and Samantha, Reston, VA

  • Ana and Michael Greene, Lorton, VA

    “Steve was invaluable working with our family in helping us find our dream home. He took Mike and my needs/wants/wish lists into consideration and helped us with everything; from finding a perfect neighborhood for our growing family—we went everywhere in northern Virginia; Burke, Fairfax, Springfield, Alexandria, Lorton, I mean, everywhere—to deciding if we really needed a finished basement (it turns out we do) until we found our perfect home.

    We were also house shopping in a seller’s market, and Steve was very proactive in getting our offer to the top of the seller’s list and ultimately signing the contract. We were able to close within a month thanks to Steve working harmoniously with all of the parties involved.

    Buying a house can be stressful, but Steve was there with us every step of the way, guiding us with his knowledge, patience, and sense of humor. We’d highly recommend Steve and his team to anyone looking for a new home in Northern Virginia!”

  • Jason and Rochelle, Alexandria, VA

    We appreciated that Steve not only said what we’re going to do, but why we’re going to do it. The clear rationale behind all of the decisions proved helpful.

  • Carole L, Alexandria, VA

    Found appropriate properties to look at according to my preferences.

  • Jason and Anna, Sterling, VA

    This is a house I’d never thought we could get, Steve made it happen. We had a lower offer and Steve’s excellence in preparing things made our offer stand out.

  • Luis and Grace, Fairfax, VA

    You were very thorough explaining the lengthy home buying process. You definitely went the extra mile to help us buy our first home. Your work ethic, knowledge, and attention to detail was outstanding. I can’t say enough good things about the experience. We knew that you had our best interest at heart.

  • Joe and Basma, Alexandria, VA

    Steve was honest, courteous, and efficient in all his dealings with us. Fantastic work throughout the entire process. He was such a pleasure to work with, couldn’t ask for a better person to do the job.

  • Eric and Melanie, Fairfax, VA

    You have a very good understanding of the market, and considerations that need to be weighed when buying a home. You have a very strong client first value. You have integrity. You listen to preferences, and don’t push people in a direction you want them to go. You went above and beyond by trying to help us move things into our home, and by helping with contractors to work on our home once it was purchased, which is VERY appreciated. You have gotten us connected with everyone from utilities to contractors to a great lender.

  • Kevin and Tara, Fairfax, VA

    Made it all a very seamless process. From start to finish – Steve was available every step of the way – even after hours at some points! oops! You show great passion, dedication and knowledge of the market – which put us at ease with some of our uncertainties. Communication from the moment we met with you until day of signing has been nothing but outstanding.

  • Ted and Sera, Herndon, VA

    We really appreciated that you were readily available and responded all our questions and requests timely and thoroughly. You were very knowledgeable and resourceful. We received many helpful insights and advices. And at the same time, you gave us enough space and time to come up with our own best decision. Also you referred us great service providers and contractors. Most of all, you were trustworthy. It’s hard to find someone who can meet those characteristics in this business.


  • Chris and Jen, Annandale, VA

    We admire how you seized the moment to market our property before listing, thanks to your work on another property in our community. While this was not the ‘plan’ from the outset, it turned out to benefit us tremendously, while ultimately shortening the timeline for the sale of our home. Again, this was not something we mapped out in advance; however, as the situation presented itself, you capitalized on the opportunity to generate interest and gather offers. One would hope that any agent in their right mind would do this, but I’m not certain they would play their cards as well as you did.

    This leads me to a second strength: negotiation. You worked to maximize value at every instance. I saw this when you first handed the offers, to when we countered the inspection, up to the final settlement price. I was not privy to what you said, precisely, but it clearly worked – and we are grateful for it.

    Third, you did your homework. When there was a need for additional information, you sought it out. I recall our conversation in response to the inspection, when you shared how you planned to price the various items in order to come up with a fair but favorable counter. The same thing played out when we responded to the appraisal. I had more insight into this part of the process, and I was pleased by your creativity and dogged pursuit of the best deal for us.

    All said, you did not sit back and let the process happen. We were not being swept along by the current. You sought to master the circumstances that prevailed from the moment we first met with you to the day we signed off on the sale.

    Oh, and one more point of praise: with one exception, you provided us with great contacts for repairs/services. I appreciated at the time, and still do, that it took a lot of worry out of having to find the right people to take care of items that, sometimes, needed to be rushed yet done well.


    Steve is a consummate professional upon whom you may rely completely. He will always promote your best interests with integrity, honesty, and resolve. We count ourselves very fortunate to have worked with Steve, and would encourage anyone else to do so, without hesitation.

  • FG, Annandale, VA

    I believe you worked very hard and worked through some rough situations that were placed upon you. I also came to realize that you protected me from the pitfalls that probably would have upset me, had I known.
    I sincerely respect and appreciate your integrity and keeping my interest a priority.

  • Garrett H, Sterling, VA

    I sought out Steve’s advice when my wife and I were considering turning our home into a rental. He shared some crucial pieces of advice that helped us make our investment decision with confidence.

  • Rick R, Herndon, VA

    Steve is the kind of realtor who will go the extra mile for his clients. He’s dependable, detail oriented, knowledgeable, and a go getter. If you want a realtor who is focused on you and not his commission, Steve is your guy!

  • Ryan and Briet, Falls Church, VA

    We were really blessed by your service and helpful nature. You have our business and our friends.

  • Steve M, Fairfax Station, VA

    A lot of things went well:

    • You went way above and beyond in helping me figure out what improvements to make to my home before the sale
    • You got three bidders for the work on my house
    • You helped oversee the work
    • You helped me save money by finding an honest contractor and negotiating some of the costs and also recommending areas to save money
    • You were patient with me while I was on the emotional roller coaster of a house sale
    • Everything you said turned out to be true – from how the improvements would help in the sale, to the price, when to lower it, negotiating the final price, etc.

  • Ron and Candice, Fredericksburg, VA

    I think you did everything well considering you didn’t know Fredericksburg, our contractor quit on us and you still managed to get our house sold in 9 days!! Steve was a joy to work with. He always stayed one step ahead of the process. Even when we had trouble with a contractor quitting in the middle of making repairs Steve went above and beyond. He found another contractor that finished the job and got our house on the market on time.

  • Alex Q, Annandale, VA

    Accessible, action oriented, got things done. Focused on meeting my needs and getting the house sold. I always knew you were looking out for my best interests.  

  • Sarita J, Falls Church, VA

    He really works tirelessly and consistently with his clients to meet their needs. Without him, my condo would probably still be sitting on the market.

  • Andy and Kim, Ashburn, VA

    Steve had a masterful approach of researching the market, determining the right position, creating the perfect feel (key!), designing a critical marketing plan, and seamlessly negotiating on our behalf. All of this made us stand out in the market, which made all the difference. The word that comes to mind is excellent and we would definitely recommend Steve.

  • Katherine T, Alexandria, VA

    It is clear how much Steve cares about his clients and his profession. He was always available and went out of his way to perform with excellence. He has attention to detail and explains everything well.”

  • Bob and Astrid, Annandale, VA

    Steve’s method of selling houses works exceedingly well. Our house sold in less than three hours on the market at above asking price, After moving to Florida and having physically visited almost 20 houses and looked at least 40 odd more on the internet, I cannot stress enough the importance of Steve’s insistence on staging, good painting, using a professional photographer and improving the tiniest detail of one’s home. It will in my opinion guarantee excellent results. We saw too many homes which did not meet those standards and we duly passed them over.