Spring in Northern Virginia is a glorious time if you aren’t overcome by allergies. For those that don’t mind putting in the work, you can create an oasis in your own yard to enjoy year after year. Large yard of a townhouse patio, you want to do what’s best for our area to get maximum results. Sarah is the gardener in our family, here are her tips for Spring lawn and garden care for Northern Virginia to get you going:

Lawn Care

If you’re not ready to fork over money monthly to pay for lawn care, you need to do a few things year round to keep weeds at bay and keep grass looking healthy. Ideally, you’ve already treated your lawn with pre-emergent & fertilizer. If you haven’t, check with a local garden center to see if you’ve missed the window. We treated our lawn a few weeks ago and have been pulling weeds in an effort to minimize their spread! Here is a good calendar for lawn maintenance to keep you organized.


It’s safe to say the risk of frost is behind us and you can get out there to clean up your garden beds if you haven’t already. Prune dead twigs/leaves from perennials and summer blooming shrubs (spirea, butterfly bush). It is hard to remember when to prune as all plants and bushes are different. Better Homes & Gardens has a list here. A general rule of thumb is to prune flowering shrubs after they’ve flowered. Pruning them early often removes the buds which means you won’t get to enjoy them!


Planting natives is a great way to be certain the plants will be happy in your yard, and a great way to attract wildlife! Local master gardeners have put together handy guides with recommendations based on shade, water, soil, etc. We will be planting a variety of natives in our garden this year and hope to see more butterflies and birds as a result!

Free Mulch

Fairfax County has free mulch for residents! You need a way to haul it and the will to do the hard labor, but it’s certainly a way to save a little cash. Why mulch? Besides just keeping things looking neater, it helps retain moisture, prevent erosion, controls weeds and adds nutrients to your soil.

Technology/Apps for Lawn & Garden

Believe it or not there are now apps to help you remember when and how to care for your lawn and garden. See this article for some interesting options. We may be testing a few of them out ourselves this season!

Be Inspired

Not sure where to start? Get ideas from local garden centers. Nall’s in Alexandria posts regularly on Facebook with tips and great plants for our area. Look up your favorite garden center and follow them! Simply just don’t feel like doing the work? Here’s a great list of local gardens to enjoy!

Happy Gardening!