by Sarah McIlvaine

Vaccine news is making us all optimistic for in person gatherings, but we’re not out of the woods yet. Many businesses have learned how to throw virtual parties this last year—and I have to say, there are some great options out there! Here are just a few ideas for whenever you and your friends/loved ones gather online for a hang out! They always make for a memorable time:

Virtual Game Night

There’s a website that has video chat, games, and fun all in one! Let’s Roam hosts a virtual game night that makes it easier than ever to have a great time with games and friends on any night. As a leader in global adventures, Let’s Roam has taken their mission virtual, helping people explore, discover and connect through a video platform that has it all. Essentially, these are events hosted on a video chat platform that’s embedded with games (and made to be user-friendly, for those who are less tech-savvy). Each event throws five rounds of fun games at you, including trivia (with over 8,000 questions and 60+ categories such as Rom-Coms, Disney and more), the classic party game of Charades, Let’s Draw (like Pictionary with a digital twist), and more. You can even custom-create a trivia game about you and your friends, if you fill out a quick questionnaire. And of course, for adults only, there are drinking games! Check out and click “In Home” to get your virtual party started.


Just because you can’t share a couch with your friends doesn’t mean you can’t share a screen! Apps like Teleparty (formerly Netflix Party) allow you to watch TV with your friends online. They synchronize your video playback and add a group chat to your Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or HBO account. It’s so fun to gather your friends and make fun of cheesy movies, laugh at the newest comedies, and scream together at creepy horror films. Plus, at the end of every episode, you get to hear everyone’s thoughts and theories. “Binging” shows takes on a whole new meaning when you do it in one big group! Search or find other apps that can do the same thing for you!

Virtual Wine Tasting

Yes, it’s a thing! In fact, we hosted one for our friends, clients and supporters last month and it was a hit! Each attendee received a gift bag with wine samples, personal charcuterie, and a bingo card. With more than 50 people logged in, it was a lively event that brightened the average Saturday night in this year-long pandemic. We found a local wine rep who suggested the wines and led us through the tasting. For us, this was a business expense, but a group of friends could easily go in on the cost together and share a personal, virtual wine tasting experience together! Although we will be happy when we can go back to hosting parties in person, I’m not complaining about the ease of clean-up from this party. Contact us if you’d like to know more about how to host a party like this!    n