Did you know that Annandale has it’s own blog? Ellie Ashford, a local with a passion for all things Annandale, took it upon herself in 2009 to begin blogging about the happenings in our area. Hers is the only news outlet that covers Annandale, Baileys, Seven Corner, and Lincolnia. Her readership has grown throughtheyearsandtheblog is actively followed directly and on social media. If you aren’t already following it, now is a good time to start! https://annandaleva.blogspot.com/ The Annandale Blog has an active community of readers due to the current and updated stories of local businesses, a source of information about the good things happening as well as news about schools, parks and local government.

Steve got to know  Ellie through the Taste of Annandale, which our business has been proud sponsors of over the last five years. We recently interviewed her and that conversation led to the multiple articles about Annandale in this edition of our newspaper.

Ashford has a good pulse on the local community and businesses. We think she summed Annandale up well when she described it as “fun, quirky, known for  diversity (working class and upper class neighborhoods, as well as diverse food), a lot of family owned businesses rather than chains, inside the beltway, close do DC but a small town feel, nice parks and lots of potential.” We couldn’t agree more!

We are grateful to be a part of Annandale and after interviewing Ashford our pride in being residents here for over 20 years has grown all the more!