We admire how you seized the moment to market our property before listing, thanks to your work on another property in our community. While this was not the ‘plan’ from the outset, it turned out to benefit us tremendously, while ultimately shortening the timeline for the sale of our home. Again, this was not something we mapped out in advance; however, as the situation presented itself, you capitalized on the opportunity to generate interest and gather offers. One would hope that any agent in their right mind would do this, but I’m not certain they would play their cards as well as you did.

This leads me to a second strength: negotiation. You worked to maximize value at every instance. I saw this when you first handed the offers, to when we countered the inspection, up to the final settlement price. I was not privy to what you said, precisely, but it clearly worked – and we are grateful for it.

Third, you did your homework. When there was a need for additional information, you sought it out. I recall our conversation in response to the inspection, when you shared how you planned to price the various items in order to come up with a fair but favorable counter. The same thing played out when we responded to the appraisal. I had more insight into this part of the process, and I was pleased by your creativity and dogged pursuit of the best deal for us.

All said, you did not sit back and let the process happen. We were not being swept along by the current. You sought to master the circumstances that prevailed from the moment we first met with you to the day we signed off on the sale.

Oh, and one more point of praise: with one exception, you provided us with great contacts for repairs/services. I appreciated at the time, and still do, that it took a lot of worry out of having to find the right people to take care of items that, sometimes, needed to be rushed yet done well.


Steve is a consummate professional upon whom you may rely completely. He will always promote your best interests with integrity, honesty, and resolve. We count ourselves very fortunate to have worked with Steve, and would encourage anyone else to do so, without hesitation.