Developments happening in Annandale

I think one thing all Annandale residents have in common is the desire to continue to see development and revitalization of our area. If we’re honest, Annandale is sometimes overlooked as a great place to live because we don’t have high end shops and restaurants to create a bustling vibe that some other areas have. Vienna, Fairfax, Falls Church and Arlington all have great commercial centers that are gathering spots for locals. Annandale has some great stand alone spots, but no real commercial center that draws people in. We’d need a crystal ball to know if we will ever truly have such a place, but development through new restaurants, stores and other places is a step in the right direction.

So how did Annandale improve even in the midst of all 2020 had to throw at us? Take a look…

New places such as Bowlero, Lidl and exciting new restaurants bring new life to Annandale. The greater success with these places means the greater likelihood for more businesses to open up in the future.

OPEN IN 2020:

  • Korean Community Center
  • Bowlero
  • Thrift Store
  • Tidl

OPEN IN 2021:

  • 9292 Korean BBQ
  •  Wow Fresh Meat
  • Chick-Fil-A
  • D1 Athletic Training Center
  • Taco Rock

One well-known Annandale event, Taste of  Annandale, unfortunately was one of the many canceled events of 2020. There is hope it will return in October 2021, and the planners are preparing for that. For those who are not familiar with the Taste of Annandale, it is a street festival to encourage community engagement, highlight businesses and celebrate the area. There are events for the whole family and everyone local to enjoy. For athletes, there is a 5k that is inclusive to all ages. For foodies, many local restaurants, food trucks, and breweries showcase some of their best bites (and sips) for sampling. And for those just looking for a good time, concerts, dance groups and more provide entertainment.

For a year of what seemed like endless misfortunes and closing, do not fret. There are still exciting things happening in Annandale and there is much to look forward to!