1. What do I have to do to be a McIlvaine Home Team Most Valuable Partner (MVP)? Am I obligated to do something? You are not obligated to do anything, just be a fan. If I am your realtor of choice for personal real estate business or for real estate referrals then you are a valuable team member to me and you are eligible to be a Silver MVP. You will always be included in the monthly giveaways, and the quarterly/semi-annual events. However, if you do send me a referral that leads to an appointment, you will move up to the Gold MVP level and I would love to show my appreciation with a $10 Starbucks card that will be reloaded every month for 6 months! Make sure you are signed up to receive our monthly give-away and event emails and let Steve know when you have a referral for him. Following our facebook page is not a requirement but it is a good idea, as we will post previews for giveaways and information about upcoming events from time to time.
  2. How do I claim a monthly give-away prize? The number of give-away prizes will be limited each month. Make sure you open the email as soon as possible on the 15th of each month (sent at 12pm) and if it’s something you’d like, respond quickly to let us know you’d like it. We will get back to you by the close of the day to let you know if you’ve won it or not. Prizes will be awarded on a first come/first served basis.
  3. If I won a prize where/how do I pick it up? Most of the time you will pick it up from our office in Falls Church or from Steve’s home in Annandale. We will let you know in the monthly email how pick up should take place.
  4. I have a referral for you, what do I do? What if they don’t choose to work with you? First, make sure the person you are referring knows that I will be contacting him/her once you make the referral. Call or email me with the person’s name and phone number and any information about their buying or selling needs that you are aware of. I will contact them directly and if I am able to set an appointment then you will receive a $10 Starbucks card in thanks, which will continue to be loaded with $10 each month for the next 5 months (6 months of Starbucks total!). If your referral chooses not to work with me after our appointment you will still receive the Starbucks appreciation card. You have done your job just by giving me a referral and I appreciate that even if it does not lead to a sale or a contract!
  5. Does my friend/relative/co-worker need to purchase a house with you in order for me to earn a Starbucks card? Absolutely not. It’s my job to earn their business, you are just helping me get my foot in the door.
  6. How do I get my Starbucks card? You can pick it up at our office in Falls Church or we can mail it to you. Contact Cheryl at Cheryl@mhtsells.com
  7. What happens if I don’t use all the money on my Starbucks card? The money rolls over each month for the 6 months your card is activated. This means you could have $60 by the end of the 6 months which you could use to buy other Starbucks products like whole bean coffee, mugs or other accessories. At the end of the 6 months any remaining money will disappear and your card balance will return to zero. No worries, with any new referrals we will reactivate your card and begin loading $10/month. Also, if you make an additional referral during your 6 month period, we will give you an extra $25 on your Starbucks card and will add another 6 months to the duration of your card!
  8. Should I keep my Starbucks card if it’s no longer being refilled monthly? YES! We have a database with your name and card # and if you have any more referrals in the future then it’s easy for us to quickly add $10 to your card once an appointment is made.
  9. What are the client events and how do I get invited? We aim to have 3-4 fun events each year. These are our opportunity to say thank you in person and let you know how much we appreciate each and every one of you. We will send out emails and make facebook announcements about 6 weeks prior to each event, so stay tuned.
  10. Is this program just a way to expand your database? No, my business thrives on referrals and I love getting them from previous clients and those who know me and trust my skills and ethics. I look forward to helping any and all of your referrals with their real estate sales and purchases, and providing service with integrity!
  • Steve’s method of selling houses works exceedingly well. Our house sold in less than three hours on the market at above asking price, After moving to Florida and having physically visited almost 20 houses and looked at least 40 odd more on the internet, I cannot stress enough the importance of Steve’s insistence on staging, good painting, using a professional photographer and improving the tiniest detail of one’s home. It will in my opinion guarantee excellent results. We saw too many homes which did not meet those standards and we duly passed them over.

    - Bob and Astrid, Annandale, VA

  • It is clear how much Steve cares about his clients and his profession. He was always available and went out of his way to perform with excellence. He has attention to detail and explains everything well.”

    - Katherine T, Alexandria, VA

  • Steve had a masterful approach of researching the market, determining the right position, creating the perfect feel (key!), designing a critical marketing plan, and seamlessly negotiating on our behalf. All of this made us stand out in the market, which made all the difference. The word that comes to mind is excellent and we would definitely recommend Steve.

    - Andy and Kim, Ashburn, VA

  • He really works tirelessly and consistently with his clients to meet their needs. Without him, my condo would probably still be sitting on the market.

    - Sarita J, Falls Church, VA

  • Accessible, action oriented, got things done. Focused on meeting my needs and getting the house sold. I always knew you were looking out for my best interests.  

    - Alex Q, Annandale, VA