Life may have been turned upside down this year, but we can still make a difference by helping out in our community. One local Annandale mom has such a passion for teaching kids to get involved and volunteer that she created Kids Give Back – an organization that creates opportunities for kids to volunteer and learn to love giving back to others.

About Kids Give Back

Denise Gavilan, founder of Kids Give back, has a passion about training young kids to become the leaders of tomorrow. Her vision is to show kids how they can have a lasting impact on where they live. Not only does this organization strive to teach about caring for those in need, but also allows children to thrive in a supportive atmosphere perfect for their age. Denise grew what was an elementary school program into a larger organization to be able to expand the impact throughout Fairfax County. With creating Kids Give Back, more children were able to be involved and more nonprofits were reached. Even through COVID, Denise wants to continue serving the community and advance her mission of ‘building the next generation of volunteer leaders’. 

Get Involved

Coming in the fall are many opportunities to participate in the Family Volunteer Days. Registration is open and will fill up fast. At these events, social distancing will be kept in mind to make a safe environment. However, if you are hesitant in joining a camp, there are still ways to be serving the community from the comfort of your home. A few ideas are putting together snack packs for homeless shelters or writing thank you notes to first responders. Spend a few hours on the weekend at these events or at home to have fun and give back.

Family Volunteer Days:
October 17, November 21 & December 12

Find out more information and register to participate here:

Volunteering as a family will become a cherished memory and an awesome opportunity to teach kids how to make an impact. Don’t have kids and still want to help? Sponsors and donations are constantly welcomed. The work cannot be completed without support. Take action and make a difference.  You, your family, and your kids will never regret not helping a neighbor or someone in the community.