Prepare your house to sell this year with these tips…

Prepare your house to sell with decluttering
A clean, sparse, organized home sells better than one filled with an abundance of personal items.

Thinking about selling this year but overwhelmed by the task? We are always just a phone call away, but here are some tips to get you started down the road to selling your home.

1 – Channel your inner Marie Kondo and declutter.

No one likes the word “declutter” when it comes from a Realtor, it can be received as judgemental and insulting. Well, pretend we didn’t use that word and imagine a cheery Japanese woman assisting you as you clear through your closets and work through your home. Does it bring you joy? Would you want to pack it in a box? No? Find it a new home. Need help with that? We can refer you to businesses that will help you do this.

2 – Have an unbiased person walk through your home and give feedback.

This one can feel a little daunting. We are more than happy to walk through your home with you. We do this prior to any listing and talk about how buyers might react to your home, and what you need to improve upon before listing for sale. Another option is to invite someone that fits the demographics of a potential buyer for your home. If you’re a Baby Boomer planning to downsize your taste is going to be vastly different from the younger generations who are likely to buy your home. Although your home may be lovely, it’s not going to appeal to younger buyers. If you have a friend or family member who can speak honestly with you, ask them to walk through with you and let them see your home through the eyes of someone younger. This will help you begin a list of improvements to tackle in the coming months. PLEASE talk to us before making any major improvements! I don’t want you to make any unnecessary improvements. That can be a costly mistake. We will talk about staging in a later blog, and what you can do revamp your home decor so it appeals to a wider audience.

3 – Determine your budget for home improvements.

Maybe you just need fresh paint and new carpet or floors, or maybe you need to consider bathroom and kitchen updates. Don’t do anything drastic until you’ve had a Realtor walk through your home and help you determine the ROI on potential updates. If you’re curious about living through a home renovation, take a look at our old blog about our kitchen renovation on our last home. We made the improvements 2 years prior to moving, so we were able to enjoy it for a while. It certainly paid off as our home sold for the highest sales price in our neighborhood since 2008! We had multiple offers, including one on the first day, and were able to sell for above asking. 

Prepare your house to sell with staging
Annandale, VA home stage by J.L. Arnold Designs. Listing by McIlvaine Home Team.

Ready to take action?

Click here to access our Home Enhancement Checklist to get started. Need an organizer? We recommend our neighborhood organizer Adele Logan-Galen, with Smooth Move Managers

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